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Our accounting rates will be as follows:

Onsite accounting services $85.00 per hour
Monthly/Quarterly accounting Services $75.00 per hour

  • Accounting received after January 1st with more than 3 months of accounting will have an additional $25 per hour premium

Accounting Reviews

If our office does not provide your accounting services before tax returns are prepared by our office
the information received must be reviewed by a staff member.

For this review we need the following information:

• QuickBooks file as an “Accountant’s Copy”
• Bank Statement as of 12/31
• Credit Card Statement that includes 12/31
• Loan Statements showing December payment and loan balance
• Payroll – Year End Summary and W-3
• New vehicle – purchase documents and loan documents
• Large equipment purchases with trade in or loans – purchase and loan documents

If all lines of the Balance Sheet balance and no adjustments are needed the review is considered
part of the tax return fee. If adjustments are needed to correct balance sheet accounts and /or
expense and income accounts the fee is $75.00 per hour.

Filing of forms 1099 on your behalf

Information for recipients must be provided by you. The most effective way to acquire this
information is to have anyone providing services to fill out a form W-9, which are available on our
webpage. These can be forwarded to our office throughout the year.

Please Note: Your accounting information or a list of recipients needs to be provided to our office by January 10th.

What is an Enrolled Agent?